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BecomeMore was created as Ardyasa & Andjani saw the following issues happening within their community:



“To construct a strong and interrelated bridges, connections and relationship between the youth of Indonesia disregarding any background to reach positive growth for all”

To create platforms and equal access to opportunities for youth in Indonesia through different media(s) to inspire and motivate the youth to become more.


Not only are we an organization, but we are a community.

Pada April 2018, BecomeMore shift dari sebuah organization ke menjadi komunitas bagi pemuda Indonesia (SMP/SMA), yang ini berkarya dan grow together


To provide youths with a platform of opportunities and experiences where they are encouraged to 3S:

  • To ease link and connection buildings between professionals/experts with students/youth

  • To raise awareness on different regions in Indonesia that is lacking of high quality of education (changes every year)


BecomeMore Jakarta is committed to:

  1. Long term sustainability in the development of youth in Indonesia

  2. Power of the commitment of the youth in development

  3. Creating equal opportunities through the 3S (speak, share, support)

  4. Believe in the importance of the role of youth on conflict resolution and growth

  5. Help specific regions in Indonesia that is currently lacking of high quality of education

Sectoral Areas of Intervention and Priority Programs

BecomeMore is mandated to various development interventions and strived to work the below areas:


be a


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Tel: +62 817 0001708 / +62 877 81232310

Email: becomemorejakarta@gmail.com 


Jl. Raya Mabes Hankam No. 15-16,

Jakarta Timur, Indonesia

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